Leisure gas is great for year-round enjoyment, it’s just as effective during the hot Summer months as it is during the cooler Autumn and Winter months, meaning you can enjoy your garden for longer!

Perfect for your gas patio heater and BBQs, JGas 11KG leisure gas bottles are an efficient and reliable way to power your garden gas BBQ and patio heater.

All JGas 11KG leisure gas bottles have a 27mm valve, meaning they come ready to use with most barbecues and patio heaters, unlike standard propane bottles that require a new regulator to be fitted to your appliance.

If you are new to leisure gas, our friendly staff at your local JGas depot will be happy to explain how to connect your new JGas 11KG leisure gas bottle – it’s that easy you’ll be cooking with gas in no time!

Barbecues, Firepits and outdoor products available from

LPG Cylinders

When space is at a premium or where a bulk storage tank is not appropriate, JGas can supply cylinders as an alternative option. Gas cylinders provide the same benefits as a bulk supply, but with the flexibility of a cylinder.

Bulk LPG

At JGas, our gas delivery service is designed around our customers. We have more than 30 years’ experience of delivering gas to homes, businesses and metered estates — and we have the resources, equipment and flexible approach to deliver year round.

LPG Tank Installation

At JGas we don’t just deliver gas to your home, we can install a gas storage tank on your property as well. One of our sales engineers will visit your home to carry out a brief site survey and give you advice on the type of tank that’s best for you.