Switch from Oil to Propane

Switching from Oil to Propane

Switch to propane for cleaner, greener living.

All the benefits of mains gas – off the mains.

Switching from oil to propane (LPG) provides savings on costs as well as carbon.

Additionally, you can forget about ordering and tank maintenance as we take care of that for you with automatic, top-up deliveries and tank maintenance covered. You’ll enjoy cooking on a controllable flame and have a much reduced risk of fuel theft.

The Process


Contact us to discuss switching fom Oil to Liquid Gas with a member of our JGas team.


Our JHeating Services team will arrange the removal of your old oil boiler and fit a new Liquid Gas boiler.


We’ll remove your oil tank and fit your agreed Liquid Gas solution.

Storage Options

Underground Tank

GasTank Underground

Leaving your garden with unspoiled views and your garden space at a maximum.

Above Ground Tank

GasTank Overgroung

Needing only a concrete plinth to sit on, a tank can be sited to maximize access and minimise inconvenience.



Where space is limited, our 2 pack or 4 pack of 47kg Propane Cylinders provide a compact solution.

Bulk LPG

At JGas, our gas delivery service is designed around our customers. We have more than 30 years’ experience of delivering gas to homes, businesses and metered estates — and we have the resources, equipment and flexible approach to deliver year round.

New to LPG?

If you’re new to LPG, you will undoubtedly be looking for the same convenience for your new ‘off-grid’ home that you have enjoyed when living ‘on-grid’.  Just like mains gas, LPG is the perfect solution for all your heating, cooking and hot water needs.

LPG Tank Installation

At JGas we don’t just deliver gas to your home, we can install a gas storage tank on your property as well. One of our sales engineers will visit your home to carry out a brief site survey and give you advice on the type of tank that’s best for you.