Get Ahead for Winter!

Some tips and advice from us and our Trade Association.

While we cannot be sure what to expect this Winter, it is important that our LPG Customers are prepared for whatever the winter may throw at us this year.

We also recognise that this year in particular, news about global gas supplies and the cost of energy is causing great concern for homeowners. As such, due to the volatile nature of pricing and supply, we are communicating with all customers to encourage you to start the winter with a full tank of Gas.

If you do not currently take advantage of our free of charge “top-up” service, we would strongly encourage you to check the current Gas level in your LPG Tank, and order gas over the next month or so to ensure that we can fill your tank prior to the end of the year. Alternatively, ask to join our top up scheme.

If your Tank is currently at 50% or below, we would advise you to call the Office on 0345 450 3121, to help us manage the requested delivery of gas to your tank at current pricing. When calling, please inform our Customer Service Advisor of the % content in your tank at time of call.

We have also taken some guidance from our Trade Association, Liquid Gas UK, in a bid to offer customers additional help and support leading into the winter, as illustrated below.

Screenshot 2022-10-17 at 16.15.03

Liquid Gas UK have suggested the guidance opposite in a bid to offer customers additional help and support leading into the winter.